Web tools and software for a well-organized event

Web tools and software for a well-organized event

Do we need special software and what can it do? How to optimize the organization of an event?

Does your event need software?

First of all, it is obvious that we often need to automate and facilitate the accomplishment of certain tasks, when it comes to event making. The following ones tend to provoke the most of anxiety and issues:

  • Planning and notifications about the accomplished tasks and stages of preparation ;
  • Calculation of the budget;
  • Progress reports;
  • Communication with suppliers or inside your team.

There is no need to mention, that in case you do everything on your own, you can only rely on social networks and Google to find the service, equipment or the staff you might need. But if you want it to be efficient and quick, you may go to specialized agencies or do it yourself with the help of useful software.

How to choose the right one?

Everything depends on three basic factors:

  • Size of the company, type and level of the event;
  • Budget;
  • Special needs (tickets, sale and booking online etc).

Cheap all-inclusive options

When it comes to a celebration or a conference in a small enterprise, a mini concert or a meeting, it is better to opt for a simpler and cheaper software.

Grenadine Events is an easy solution for conferences, meetings or other events. It allows you to manage the budget, order equipment, communicate with your team members and organize everything for guests and participants. The Grenadine software is accessible right from your smartphone and has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Eventzilla is another, and even cheaper, way to create a web page for your event, sell tickets and organize a mobile check-in. This product is pretty basic, but offers the opportunity to interact with customers, collect information about them and offer them discounts or bonuses. It is also possible to create thematic badges and promote the event in social networks.

ConfTool is another 100% free software designed to meet the needs of small businesses, scientific groups or non-profit organizations. It is ideal for meetings, conferences or any other free event, which has fewer than 150 participants.


If the main thing you need is to create invitations and send them via email, it is possible to opt for more simplified solutions, such as Evite. The platform allows you to choose the theme and design, and send up to 750 invitations at once. It’s free, but the messages will contain ads If you wish to eliminate it, you may always buy a premium version, avoid ads and customize the invitations even more, by accessing advanced features.

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