Paris This Summer : Pros and Cons

Paris This Summer : Pros and Cons

Thinking about visiting the most romantic city of France while on vacation? Here is what you may count on during your stay.

Coming to Paris in summer

In many ways the City of Lights is ideal for tourists no matter what the outside temperature is like: there is always time and room for fun, for gastronomic pleasure, for small talks and learning something new. If it’s too hot outside, you can always find a cozy café with a terrasse, a bookstore or a gallery to relax, admire beauty of the place and find some fresh and inspiring images or ideas. The Seine and picturesque Parisian parks and squares are ideal for picnics and evening strolls too. When the weather is rainy or coldish, you still have places to escape to, like restaurants, shopping malls, museums and bistrots. And the best news is that in the French capital there is always a couple of festivals and numerous events going on, so you don’t have to choose any special dates for your Parisian vacation.

However, there are a few useful tips, you need to know about before planning your trip.

Not so French

If you are about to visit the capital in summer, don’t count on meeting lots of locals in these historical streets. Since most of the French employees tend to have vacation during this season and escape as soon as they can, the city might not feel as French and special, as it is in other periods of time. It is rather diverse and international! You are likely to meet more travelers from other parts of France and foreign tourists here, while the locals will be sunbathing somewhere in the Southern regions.

Summer events

Don’t forget about La Fête de la musique and the open-air cinema in the La Villette park, and a decenny of other cultural events, concerts, expositions and meetings, that take place in Paris from June till August.

Prices go up

Beware, it’s the peak season, so prices for any kind of service and especially for accomodation go up. If you are certain about your wish to come here this year, book well in advance! If you dream about passing the National holiday (July, 14) in the city, it would be advisable to find a room outside Paris or opt for a more expensive place, like an apartment in the Champs-Élysées, so that you could watch the parade right from your balcony.

Of course, trains and plane tickets normally get more expensive as well, so try to book those at least a couple of months before the date.

You are not alone

Coming to Paris during the festivals or big holidays is a chance to get to know new people and make friends. Be prepared for huge crowds in the streets and in museums as well. All in all, summer capital is not for the shy and those, who love solitude and peace – in this time of the year, the City of Lights gets more dynamic, diverse and lively, than usual. Enjoy!

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