Fun for Christmas Best games for your guests

Fun for Christmas Best games for your guests

Would you like Christmas to be more fun than ever this year? Here are some ideas of perfect games and activities for your party.

Top 3 Christmas games to make your party more fun

Contrary to what one might think, New Year’s Eve and Christmas are not synonymous to a “big family meal”. Even though the dishes play an important role in the course of the evening, give it a rhythm and contribute to its special atmosphere, allowing to break the ice at the beginning and avoid moments of silence. Here are a few useful ideas, that you can use this year!

Classical option: Who am I?

It’s a well-known and already traditional game, which is especially entertaining at big celebrations and dinners with family and friends, when there are many guests. Actually, “who am I” is an excellent icebreaker for a group, where the guests do not know each other well enough or feel uncomfortable and shy.
Preparation: Glue small pieces of paper on the back of the guests’ plates using scotch tape. Write a famous character name or personality on each note.

During the meal choose a convenient moment and ask the guests to look at the back of the plate to learn which character they got (without letting others see it). The goal is to guess the characters of others by asking general questions (which are also called yes/no-questions). Whoever manages to discover the maximum of characters, can get a prize.

Gift Lottery

Ask each of your guests to bring a small “anonymous” gift (which is not meant for anyone in particular). You can also buy a few yourself. Opt for rather funny, nice and curious things – do not worry about the usefulness. Obviously, this must please and offend no one.

Give them numbers and fill a Santa’s hat or a nice salad bowl with cards with corresponding numbers. Make everyone get a card and distribute presents.

It is an entertainment, which guarantees excellent mood to all the guests and will allow you to have fun while exchanging small unexpected and original gifts.

Guess the song!

This one is a group game, a sort of a musical “blind test”: the main goal is to guess the title of the song, singer or context – from which film, cartoon or soap opera it comes, or what period it belongs to.

Groups of 4 or 6 can be formed to make the game more fun and enjoyable, and will let your guests communicare more freely, joke and laugh together. We advise you to choose a particular theme and organize the quiz without proposing questions or songs that may seem too difficult – remember, that it’s not an exam! Make sure you have chosen a well-known and not too specific topic, so that most of your guests could actively participate in the game and not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

If you have other proposals for fun activities, share them in the comments! We wish happy Holidays to everyone!

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