Fun baby shower: games and activities

Fun baby shower: games and activities

Want to make a prenatal party for your little one? Make the celebration even more enjoyable for the mother and the guests, and think about some activities!

Baby shower: celebrate, learn and have fun

Finally, the very famous trend in the United States has won the hearts of the French – and especially the French moms! Yes, we love this prenatal party, lace and a shower of pretty things and gifts, which we pour upon the mother-to-be.

We all understant, that a pregnant woman needs to feel safe, to be caressed, loved, adored and to know, that the little person inside is expected and wanted. What can be better than a special party thrown in her honor, where she could talk about babies, motherhood, surrounded by her best friends and family?

A party like no other …

Yes, during a baby shower we celebrate the arrival of someone who has not arrived yet, who is still developing and needs time. What is this day for?

The baby shower is a sort of initiation into motherhood, which is a natural need of a woman. The gifts and the cute decor are not the core of it, although obviously, they are fun and cheer parents up. The main thing is to be able to discuss, ask for friends’ advice and talk to more experienced women, because even if the Internet offers all kinds of books, courses and trainings, a woman often feels lost and not at all ready for the huge baby challenge. The amount of information seems often disconcerting, so a baby shower is above all an opportunity to talk quietly and share experience and thoughts.

Let’s have some fun?

It would still be necessary to combine education and pleasure, so we offer you some entertaining and simple games, that will make you laugh and put you at ease.

  • Tasting of children’s products: make your guests taste those mini yogurts, purees and juices for children without showing them the label. The goal is to guess the ingredients. It’s a fun way to learn the difference between various producers and discover the wide range of tastes they’ve developed for the little ones.
  • Handmade things: sit around a table and get to make cute little gifts with your hands, write important messages to the mother-to-be and her child, or simply decorate clothes together. Writing letters is an idea that is both fun and useful, since more experienced friends always have plenty to say to the young mother: tips, ideas and especially encouraging little words!
  • Bottle competition. Organize a mini contest among the guests, the principle being to drink a bottle of juice or milk (cocoa, tea) to the end without using your hands. This entertainment will make you laugh a lot, moreover, you will appreciate more the work of the baby, because a bottle requires a huge effort to drink.
  • Sing along: what’s better than singing your favorite song! Do not be afraid to sing wrong, because it’s not a competition. Perform all together or organize a karaoke night and choose songs that please each of you and sing in turn. As Dr. Michel Odent said, singings is particularly beneficial for future mothers and their babies, as it allows you to relax, find harmony and calm down. So, it’s a useful practice and an ideal activity for a baby shower!

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