French style: how to choose a tie and for which occasion?

French style: how to choose a tie and for which occasion?

They can be pretty and ordinary, chic, stylish or old-fashioned… How to choose the perfect one, when you have to wear a tie?

Don’t forget your tie: rules and tips

We don’t wear it, because everyone else does – on the contrary, today we become more and more free, and could easily refuse to put something, we don’t like. In France, a tie is a sign of good taste, and choosing the right one is an art that has been developed since the 17th century, even today tie fashion continues to evolve.

In fact, a tie should not be reserved for the most important official events – it can be introduced into your everyday outfit, adding some very special charm to your style.
So what rules do you have for ties? How to choose the best one?

Occasions and colors

First of all, keep in mind that THE perfect tie doesn’t exist – there is one for every occasion. That’s why good taste and sense of context are essential, as well, as knowing the main rules of matching ties with the shirt and the suit.

The cultural context matters and we are sure, that it is essential not only to know how to combine colors, but also to adapt the look to the given occasion. There are more or less basic ties, which are suitable for most of the events, among them:

  • Plain tie: suitable for a festive evening, any kind of party, for the restaurant, office or just a neat look. Generally, black and dark shades of red (or brown), blue and green are perfect, but you can also try lighter shades for an evening at a restaurant.
  • Striped: very fashionable and flexible variant. Generally, all combinations of colors are possible, especially those of red burgundy, yellow, green and brown.
  • Dotted: Make sure the dots are very fine and the background is darkish. This option is more or less suitable for the office and festivities, but is not recommended for a regular weekend look.
  • Prints and patterns: if there is a big picture on the tie, it really restricts the number and the character of eventual occasions. You should not put this kind of tie to the office or a party, though it is possible to wear it to a restaurant, for example. If the design is small and repeated (a pattern), the tie might do for business occasions, an outing or a neat look. Above all, opt for a rather dark background (burgundy red, green or dark blue).


When it comes to ties, we usually think of smooth silk ones, but in reality the texture can be more original and complicated.

Smooth ties give some discretion to your look and suit best professional occasions. In this case it is better to invest in silk accessories and avoid synthetic fiber.

Jacquard is quite popular because of its rich texture.

Those, who would like to try something original, can buy a cashmere tie, which is as valuable as silk, and offers interesting color shades and makes the look very sophisticated.

A knitted one would seduce fashionistas: it can be seen in preppy looks, but also in some classic outfits. Beware, that such a tie might not be accepted at the office, especially if you occupy an important position in financial institutions or legal environment.

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