Five unusual places in Paris

Five unusual places in Paris

Want to visit a weird place? Here is our list of unusual addresses in Paris!

5 unusual addresses of the capital

St. Sergius Orthodox Church (93 rue de Crimée)

A sample of Russian architecture, which is very little known to Parisians. The building is not very old and only dates from the second decade of the twentieth century, when, after the revolution, many Russians went to Paris to save their lives and those of their relatives from the cruelty of the Bolsheviks. This large group of faithful has built this Orthodox place of worship near the Buttes-Chaumont. Come here to admire this amazing little church, which retains its original appearance and is a sort of island of Russian culture in the heart of the French capital.

Paris « countryside » (20th arrondissement)

This district is a nice surprise for all lovers of Paris. Imagine a quiet place, small private houses with pretty gardens and an old-fashioned pavement. All this is the Campagne à Paris! Take a stroll, discover another facet of the City of Light and breathe quietly, and get away from the crowds of central districts.

Buddhist pantheon (19 avenue d’Iéna)

It is one of the most admirable gardens in the capital – and one of the least known too! Come here to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this place and to forget the noises and tourist madness of Paris …

The Pagoda (48 rue de Courcelles)

And here is another bit of unusual architecture in the magnificent capital. Not very French, huh? Built in the early 20th century by a collector of Chinese art, this mansion is now used as a museum and event room, which can be rented to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the place! In addition, the balconies and the windows offer an extraordinary sight on Paris and its monuments …

House of Serge Gainsbourg (5 bis rue de Verneuil)

Even if today the access in the house of the Gainsbourg is forbidden, the place remains rather “tourist” and popular among the amateurs of the songs of this musician. Mr. Gainsbourg lived here two decades, until his death in 1991. A beautiful feature of the place is that the tags and graffiti change and it is almost impossible to see the same on your next visit. A must-see for fans!

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