Best ideas for event decoration in 2018

Best ideas for event decoration in 2018

Do you want to discover the latest trends in decoration? Make your parties unforgettable and sophisticated with our creative tips.

Perfect Party: How to make it look fantastic

The year has just begun, but we already know the main trends in the field of decoration – whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, a family reunion or a corporate celebration. To organize a high-class event, which will leave amazing memories, you do not really need to spend a fortune on it – just follow the advice of professionals and choose the dishes, music, order necessary services and pay attention to what it will all look like.

It’s the visual aspect that makes the party and creates the atmosphere, so feel free to add some personal nuances, while following our tips and the latest trends 2018.

Fashionable colors

As every year, Pantone has already chosen the main color of 2018. This time it will be Ultra Violet. Designers recommend to combine it with warm oranges like Autumn Glory and Puffin’s Bill, as well as lighter shades of violet (Light Lilac and Rosewater).

These ideas will be especially useful for those planning their wedding this year: the celebration will look more luxurious and interesting, if you opt for purple, white and lilac elements in the room decor, flowers and wedding dress.

«Precious» cake: tasty and unusual

The inevitable cake : is there any wedding party, birthday or any other family celebration, that could do without it!.. Why not make it more original and avoid cream roses, figurines, superfluous details? This year cakes will imitate precious stones, decorated with edible crystals and fine gold leaves. Desserts are now more like art objects, than just sweet food. They will please the eyes as well as your stomach and you will surely want to contemplate them much longer.

This idea is also applicable to various cupcakes and cookies, which will look like multicolored exotic stones, extraordinary crystals or even some pieces of rock.

Marble and transparency

When you organize an event that will bring together a few dozen people, you will need more space, so it will be necessary to delimit zones, display the menu, indicate the plan of a conference or meeting, etc. We suggest you to opt for acrilic boards, which imitate marble or just transparent pieces of glass. This creates an illusion of free space, in addition the writing in white ink is particularly popular at different events nowadays.

Finally, it looks much more pleasant and modern than simple sheets of paper with printed text, which we usually stick to the wall or on a board. Transparent glass boards can also be used during a product presentation or a conference.

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