4 extraordibary ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve

4 extraordibary ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve

Lack of ideas for your New Year’s Eve party? We have something for you!

Top 4 original ideas for December, 31

The last night of the year is almost there. Why not do something unheard – a party unlike any other? On Christmas we actually need to respect family traditions, but on the 31st we can celebrate the way we like and realize the craziest ideas! We’ve made a research and found four of those, which will surely spice up the celebration. Enjoy!

Invite strangers

all dream of a huge New Year’s Eve party with a few dozen guests, a festive atmosphere, happy voices that wish “happy new year” to each other, confetti and madness! But who has that many friends?
This is why the platform Excuse My Party was created, thanks to which we can now celebrate with as many people, as we like. The only thing is that they will be complete strangers. That may be a great way to meet new people and spend some wonderful time together. How does it work? You publish a free ad, announcing your party, then those who are interested will send you requests. They will only receive your address after (and if) you validate the request, so it is safe and you can still control the number of your guests. It’s an extravagant and exciting way to make a unique party and celebrate with as many friends as you want – almost like the famous Gatsby!

In this case it is advisable to reserve a party hall to avoid all the risks and not have to invite strangers to your place. In addition a rented event hall offers more space, a more suitable and luxurious atmosphere, which will be ideal for the last evening of the year!


You do not have to be a star to get high class pictures! When you launch a big celebration, it would be a fantastic idea to organize a photocall with thematic decor (for example, multicolored balloons, garlands etc) and call a photographer so that everyone could get quality photos, laugh and make some more pleasant memories!

More fun – less dishes

It is true that we do not want to do the dishes the next day (most often, we are not even able to do that) and the temptation to buy plenty of plastic plates is particularly strong. But, we respect nature, do not we? In order to stay green and forget about dishwashing, the ideal solution would be not to provide dishes, which require additional plates. Put large plates or trays around the room, so that everyone could have easy access to food and drinks. Make various appetizers, which you can take with your fingers and eat right away. Avoid everything that is complicated and cut into very small pieces – it must be delicious, easy to take and have different enjoyable tastes!

That way you will not have a few hundred dishes to wash, but you will still have to deal with trays and glasses (which should be marked beforehand to know the exact number).

Dance barefoot

The New Year is a new life that begins, it’s a celebration of liberation and joy ..! So why not get rid of heels that hurt your feet and dance barefoot? It’s original, plus the neighbors will be very grateful for the idea.

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