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Top 6 ideas for a wedding in 2017

You have just decided to organize your wedding this year, but your imagination betrays you and you need some interesting ideas ? We are pleased to help you. Use our ideas to make your dreams come true and organize a perfect wedding !

The «Cocktail party» : the trend of summer to don’t miss !

Gather with friends over cocktails, it’s be sure to organize an evening successful, a way simple and enjoyable to invite a few friends, that in addition, requires less preparation than a traditional meal. Very popular in the 1920s and 1930s, in the upper class, the cocktail party today lends itself to many circumstances (birthday, family

4 reasons to organize your event in Paris

You want to organize a party, a birthday, a wedding, but you don’t know where to settle for your event?  So, let’s convince you through this article that Paris is the ideal city for all your events!

Comment choisir sa salle de réception?

Après la bague au doigt, choisir le lieu de votre mariage est sûrement la première chose dont vous allez vous occuper . Dans certaines régions il n’y a pas trop de soucis concernant la disponibilité, mais pour d’autres lieux vaut mieux s’y prendre deux ans à l’avance.

Things not to be forgotten in the budget of a marriage!

While you are sure of EVERYTHING to have calculated in the centime near, thus arises this small thing of which you had not thought … How we always forget something at the time of the budget, here is 5 things which the bridegrooms always forget in their budget!

Trend 2017 in special event management

– N°1: the geo-localization of inside: It is from now on possible to guide the visitor within the framework of the event to simplify to him(her) its access to the information.Chips and connected objects allow of microphone to locate  and to manage the visitor within a lounge, within its entry up to the stand of

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